Medtronics, Gurgaon, Haryana

A 25,000 sq. feet office space planned around a unique 100 meter athletic track in the center of the office encourages the 150 employees to be health conscious and productive. The Medtronics office is designed and executed as a collaborative space with a dynamic maxim on individuals to ‘work together’ as also to ‘workout together’. A unique feature of this office is the placement of large format graphics depicting the traditional Indian fitness themes of Yoga/ Mallakhamba and incorporating the same into spaces that define the work culture.

This corporate office has remarkable features of an entry to the office that is through a blue-colored tunnel, in a deep blue proprietary to the Company’s Brand. The unenclosed or (open) MDs’ enclosure with unique paper partitions and paper ceilings lanterns is also a testimony to the open work culture promoted by the corporation. The look and feel of the entire office is more elegant / pragmatic and functional.

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