Greenwoods, Mahabaleshwar

Greenwoods was revitalized as a private summer retreat in 2009. Being amongst the early buildings of Mahabaleshwar, Greenwoods exhibits notable Victorian style architectural design and detailing. Ancient trees (Himalayan Cypress and Silver Oak) ring the main house, apart from trees of the Natural Forest hinting at the diversity of planting that may have thrived in this place.

It was Mahabaleshwar‘s first high-profile restoration venture which included conservation of buildings and energy. The conservation approach adopted by the architects was holistic in nature as it included restoration of the built mass, adaptive reuse of the underutilized structures and conservation of natural resources like water and energy. The guiding approach throughout the restoration process was to retain all the parts of the building which were in good condition and specify materials as close as possible to the original for the damaged ones. Local materials, artist and workers were employed to bring consistency and authenticity in detailing the architectural vocabulary of that place. The house has been restored to a level that it appreciates the same grand life style of the Maharajas. The interiors pay a cultural tribute to the rich crafts of the Maharathas and pay homage to the British dignitaries who contributed towards the development of Mahabaleshwar.

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