Beach Estate : Akshi, Alibag

The estate sits on an unique 1 km and 60″ wide coconut and betel nut plantation commonly known in local parlance as a wadi.The house was skillfully re-furbished to the renewed requirements of the owners while the landscape carefully carved out of open areas in the wadi to ACCOMODATE intimate courtyard spaces and or themed gardens.The sea facing gardens were planned in two levels around a infinity pool With a very unique  concept derived from ‘Samudra Manthan’ a event from Indian Mythology. Main sculpture (ref image) of Mt. Mantan on the back of Kurma avtar of Vishnu positioned between the pool and the sea to create an illusion of it emerging from the mass of water. Approximately 19 sculptures of various things placed around the pool following the sequence in which they emerged. The other notable feature of the planning was that extreme care and precision no trees were displaced for achieving the current tropical paradise.

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