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BRIC Design group is dedicated to building extraordinary Environments Around People. 

That’s why we make sure we are
extraordinary at developing & executing
architecture and interiors projects!

BRIC Design Pvt. Ltd. is a full service architectural, interiors and urban space planning firm. We are involved with all processes from pre-conceptualisation to completion. BRIC Design is renowned for its Environmentally Responsive and breathtaking Contextual Architecture and, Interiors. The Company was established in 2006, by Architect and Designer – Brijesh Chinai, with a vision to use contextual design to elevate the environment around people as well as their spirits!

BRIC Design’s expertise in Passive Solar Architecture / Climactic Architecture and its use of technologies and systems that are intelligent and responsive, ensures optimal access of wind and sunlight, as well as maximisation of energy performance, water resources and waste recycling. The Firm’s breathtaking modern expressions of Indian cultural heritage have become another signature, and can be seen in many of its contextual themes.


BRIC Design’s areas of expertise include:


  • Conservation Projects for Old or Heritage Buildings / Precincts
  • Boutique Residential development
  • Recreational Facilities / Healthcare Centres
  • Hospitality Properties / Hotels / Boutique Resorts
  • Industrial Facilities / Factories
  • Commercial Complexes / Corporate Structures
  • Retail Facilities / Shopping Malls
  • Educational Institutes
  • Municipality – Redevelopment & Restoration work; Infrastructure development


  • Contextual Office Spaces
  • Commercial Buildings and Complexes
  • Retail Buildings or Units
  • Boutique Hospitality Premises / Hotels / Resorts / Health Spas
  • Sports Clubs
  • Exclusive Themed Restaurants
  • Boutique Private Residential Premises
  • Boutique Holiday Homes
  • Restoration of Old Properties

Urban Space Planning

  • Designated Public Gardens / Parks
  • Hotel Landscaping
  • Private Bungalow Gardens
  • Private Residential Complex Landscaping
  • Recreational Club Lawns and Gardens
  • Vertical Forest Architecture

BRIC Design offers services in the areas of designing, construction sketches, budgeting, tender documentation, as well as project coordination and supervision. Our services can be broadly classified under the Operational Heads listed below. We offer any single or combination of services, as required.

  • Pre-Design Services
  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Planning
  • Designing (Architecture / Interiors / Landscaping)
  • Project Administration / Coordination
  • Build


To use the compelling power of contextual design to elevate the environment around people and people themselves.


To devise and skilfully execute intelligent and sustainable design solutions with innovative functionality, depth of contextual theme and awe-inspiring aesthetic appeal.

Core Values

It’s easy to imagine a design firm such as ours as being driven by a lot of creative madness! The truth is that BRIC Design is a value-driven company. Some of the values we imbibe include:

A Relentless Pursuit of Knowledge: We believe that as a design company, we can never really know enough about anything – the ever-evolving world of design, our customers, their beliefs and values… and just about everything else! We encourage our fold to keep expanding their knowledge by educating themselves, and to listen to clients in a way that goes beyond the spoken word.

Humility & Respect in Our Dealings: It’s true that we have some of the best talent. But, this does not let us lose sight of our deep-seated belief that you cannot be your best at anything unless you nurture qualities of humility. Our days are not without stresses! Yet, we always endeavour to take care of our clients, their needs and opinions, and interact with our contractors and suppliers, as well as each other, with utmost mindfulness, respect and humility.

Ever-Attentive to Our Responsibilities: As an architectural and design firm, an enormous responsibility rests upon our shoulders – a responsibility towards the environment and its long-term sustenance for future generations. We never allow ourselves to trivialise this responsibility. BRIC Design conducts all operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Devotion to Excellence of Quality & Outcomes: In selecting materials or technology, from conceptualization of designs to thorough execution of all work, from top-level management and designers to workers on site, in choosing external consultants and suppliers, we channelize every effort and work tirelessly towards the single-minded goal of “excellence”.

Courage for Creativity & of Our Convictions: We would never be able to produce the kind of brilliant work we do, if we didn’t have the courage to back our imaginative concepts. Through the creative process, we goad clients to consider possibilities beyond their current imagination. Most clients trust us because we work to fit their every unique need into our designs.


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Our Team

teamAt BRIC, we believe that luxury isn’t about price, but clever insights and emotions instead. We cultivate a practice of leaders by harnessing the potential of the talented and committed individuals to the best of their abilities. We believe in the diversity of cultures, characters and talents by combining the multidisciplinary nature of thinking that affects the programming, designing, building and operation of the finished project. Our core values bind us together as a strong and close-knit team eventually shaping our culture and decision-making.

The leadership, experience, knowledge and passion of every single member of the team combine to add value for every project that we undertake. Our firm consists of architects, planners, interior designers, project managers as well as a support team for administration, finance and technology to provide you with the best aid and services. The evolution of our team is an organic and ongoing process.

Brijesh Chinai
Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO , Brijesh Chinai has presided over the evolution at BRIC since it was established in the year 2006 building a network of multidisciplinary practices with a a significant body of work carried out in and around the Indian subcontinent.

Brijesh oversees the business development and design direction at BRIC. Dedicated to investigating and developing new design paradigm and research driven innovations he has since founded the BRIC design Studio with strong network of likeminded associates.

Combining a unique mix of contemporary design based on strong local clues Brijesh has led the way for completing prestigious hospitality, commercial, residential and retail projects.

Brijesh has keen interest in reading on history and mythology and also enjoys to visit heritage properties

BRIC Design Studio

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